Working as a Digital Marketer always requires to be strategic and fast paced in delivering results to the clients you work for and also demands to be result oriented not only in one industry but in completely different sector you work for. Working in a startup I always thought of engaging my clients and generating more leads but always was stuck up with what should be my planning strategy and how to execute productively .That is when my mentor & employer Chaitanya Challa, founder of Earlypad guided me to attend a Linkedin Workshop by Pallavi Sakharkar.

Pallavi Sakharkar is a…

Hello friends,

Here I am back with my next article on the lessons being taught by my mentor Deepak Kanakaraju aka Digital Deepak .Its been some couple of days that you have seen my article regarding the learnings on Digital Marketing, so I am very eager to quickly share my insights from the Class 2 of my Internship Programme. Hope you all liked my article from Class1 !

Now lets quickly jump into the takeaways:

Reduce Distraction

Distraction is the killer of dreams,vision & goals and is highly responsible for wasting our energy. Focus while doing a particular task without…

The internet today is flooded with so many information that it sometimes confuses the human mind to take good decisions. Knowing how to make good decisions could be the key to live life king size. As a Digital Marketer, I frequently searched for ways to improve my skills as this is such a field where one has to continuously keep on upskilling owing to the rapid changes in technology and business function every now and then. Though I followed many online Digital Marketing Courses and Webinars, I could not get the right way to implement these techniques. …


I am a Digital Marketing Professional!

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